Big Wheels

Welcome to our "Big Wheels" collection, where nostalgia meets modern-day fun! Originating in 1969, the Big Wheel tricycle quickly became an iconic toy in the 1970s United States, cherished for its low-riding design, stability, and affordability. Crafted primarily from durable plastic, Big Wheels were celebrated for their larger front wheels, making them a safer and more accessible alternative to traditional tricycles and bicycles.

The original Marx Big Wheel featured vibrant rotomolded parts in red, blue, and yellow plastic. Its unique design included a low seat close to the ground, enabling easy adjustment through large pegs and pairs of holes in the frame. The distinctive feature, a front wheel the size of a manhole cover, provided stability and ease of use for young riders. Over the years, different models emerged, including the Champion Cycle with a front coaster brake, the Mini Sweetheart tailored for young girls, and the Cobra Cycle, complete with captivating cobra graphics and a customizable "license plate."

Due to its popularity, various imitations flooded the market, with "Big Wheel" becoming synonymous with any tricycle resembling the iconic Marx design. After a period of decline in production, the Big Wheel made a triumphant return in 2003 under new ownership. This beloved classic was even honored with a spot in the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2009, a testament to its enduring appeal.

In 2021, the legacy of Big Wheel continued as Schylling Inc., renowned for its classic toys and games, acquired the brand. Today, the spirit of the original Big Wheel lives on, offering children and families the same joy, stability, and excitement that made it a household favorite for generations.

Explore our Big Wheels collection and relive the timeless thrill of childhood adventures. Whether you're seeking the perfect ride for your little one or indulging in a nostalgic journey, our Big Wheels capture the essence of a cherished era, ensuring smiles and laughter for all. Ride on, and let the fun begin!

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